You're such a Wordshaker~♫

enter the game:

Here we're playing fic shiritori, in which we go in turns posting short fics that begin with the end of the previous fic!


Founded by crazy_otaku911 on May 1st, 2012 (first rule post || first post!), writetomyheart is currently administered by mod team AM (bluedreaming and mousapelli), with a few standard teams, a shiritori ao3 collection (for crossposting and/or posting offsite) and a team sonic. A round robin team has also been experimented with.

We now have a Dreamwidth mirror at [community profile] writetomyheart, in the event that all operations move to Dreamwidth. The contents of the LiveJournal community are being constantly backed-up onto a Dreamwidth archive at [community profile] writetomyheartarchive. You may also wish to keep note of the community Twitter account, @writetomyheart, which currently functions as a feed of public posts but may also be used to update information if necessary.

neutral milk hotel layout credit by stimulus and posted on refutare